Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

drawing mixed media collage Worcester

Mixed media Artist

Artist Biography

Once upon a time, a dark haired girl was born in a land called Lowell, Massachusetts to Portuguese immigrant parents. They named her Melissa Marie Borges. From the beginning, Melissa could see the power of art; she enjoyed drawing far more than other children. Her early childhood was happy and filled with lots of friends, but as she grew older, a darkness crept over her. She retreated inward, devoting most of her time getting lost in books, writing in her journal, and drawing in her sketchbook.

With time, the darkness deepened, and she retreated further, staying up very late every night drawing. The more she practiced, the more skilled her art became. She wanted to do nothing else but make art, because creating was one of the few things left that gave her joy.  Melissa’s other interest was collecting various knickknacks she found in the course of her travels. She was always on the hunt for interesting things to add to her growing collection. Old boxes, abandoned dolls, broken jewelry, bottlecaps, sea shells. She could see the potential in these items that others had discarded.

Meanwhile, the darkness had grown in power. While she studied art at Anna Maria College, it often left her feeling sad and isolated, and some days it would not allow her to eat. She was its prisoner until one day, when she had an epiphany! Rather than allowing it to control her, she could use the power of art to transform the ugliness into something beautiful. The skills she had learned in painting and drawing, and the items she had been collecting, could be used to depict her struggles.  Today, Melissa lives in the land of Worcester, Massachusetts where she continues to transform her pain into art, which she shares with others in the hope of helping them cope with the darkness too.